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think small parent powered text program

Research shows when parents participate in this program their children become better prepared for kindergarten and future learning. Tips for fun brain-building activities and parent support included too.

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convierte los momentos cotidianos en momentos de aprendizaje para tu hijo

Reciba tres mensajes de texto a la semana con datos divertidos sobre el desarrollo de su hijo, según su fecha de nacimiento, y consejos sencillos para el aprendizaje intencional en momentos cotidianos como la hora de la merienda, la compra de comestibles y la hora de acostarse.

Registrarse en Think Small ParentPowered Texts es gratis y fácil. envíe un mensaje de texto con LMC al 70138. use el código  LMC ESP para recibir  en español y LMC SOM para somalí.

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ParentPowered Text Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Through the generous support from Target, and the Bush Foundation, we are able to offer this program to Minnesota families at no cost. Your information will never be shared or sold. By signing up for Think Small ParentPowered Texts (the “Program”), you agree to (ii) the Parent Powered PBC Terms of Use available at and Privacy Policy available at, and (iii) receive approximately three Think Small ParentPowered Texts text messages per week from 70138. By signing up, you confirm that you want Parent Powered to send you information we think may be of interest to you, which involves Parent Powered using automated dialing technology to text you at the cell phone number you provided. While there is absolutely no cost for enrolling, data & message rates may apply. You can cancel your receipt of Think Small ParentPowered Texts text messages at any time by texting STOP to 70138. For help with Think Small ParentPowered Texts text HELP to 70138 or email us at

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